Horizon Therapy Centre

A comfort zone that helps children and young adults understand, accept and cope with difficulties through creative expression. Each individual will be supported as they embark on their journey of creative processing embedded in principles of counselling and psychotherapy. We at horizon aim at offering an alternative form of expression for when talking is difficult or not present.

Clients require no prior knowledge of music, dance or other arts.

We offer therapy through ↓


Exploring expression of an individual through the creative art making process. It considers the choice of materials, way they are used and interaction that occurs through the process.


Using body and movement as a medium of exploration and expression. It focuses on the creative and self –exploratory process and does not involve teaching a dance form.


Individuals actively participate in creating sound using instruments and voice. It is not necessary to know how to play an instrument to engage in this form of expression.


Use of theatre techniques like narratives or role playing for therapeutic processing. It enables individuals to gain different perspectives of themselves.


This allows the individuals to express their thoughts and feelings through words. It guides the therapeutic process through discussion and self exploratory activities.